Christmas Dinner – Vegan Style

We had steamed green beans, baked corn, rum cranberries, mashed sweet potatoes and Celebration Loaf. This is the first time that we had Celebration Loaf, and we thought it was quite yummy. Since we were at my parents house, we just microwaved it very briefly, and this worked fine. Recipes for baked corn and rum cranberries can be found on this blog.


Easter Dinner

We had Easter Dinner with my non-vegan family at my parents’ house. My family is always understanding, supportive, and somewhat inquisitive of our vegan diet, but we usually bring a lot of our own food. It is nice just being together. Chet and I had green beans, baked potatoes, baked corn, lentil loaf (with a pineapple slice that I rescued before it touched the ham), and vegan brownies for dessert. Delicious!