notorganicWe have used and loved Silk Soymilk for years and years. I use soymilk in baking and cooking, and Chet loves chocolate soymilk. Recently, we noticed that Silk Soymilk is no longer made from organic soybeans. The package is exactly the same, minus the “organic” label. Keeping the packaging the same, but altering the product is very, very sneaky and in bad faith. Please consider boycotting Silk products, contacting Silk, or speaking to your grocer about other organic soymilk choices. Silk now makes a line of organic soymilks in very different containers. I have not found these new organic Silk milks locally, but I wouldn’t buy them anyway. We have switched to Giant’s Nature’s Promise Soymilk.

FYI: According to the Center for Food Safety, 85 percent of soybeans are genetically modified. Organic soybeans are not genetically modified. Genetic modification has never been proven safe, and a number of studies have revealed that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to humans, animals, and the environment.

Evil Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soybeans account for most of the GM soybeans. Roundup Ready soybeans are engineered to withstand repeated does of Roundup, which means more pesticides can be applied. One study showed that 55% of the offspring of female rats fed genetically engineered soy flour died within three weeks and only 9% of the offspring of rats fed non-GM soy died.

Are your soy products organic??

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UPDATE 9/10/10: Silk is certified non-GMO. Click here to see their Non-GMO certification.


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  1. I know it can be tough depending on where you live, but fine an alternative to Nature’s Promise if you can. Their milk supplier got a “failing grade” on the treatment of their dairy cows. I know there aren’t cows involved in making the soy milk product you’re buying, but it’s the same company…

  2. Thanks for the link. My family is now going to try and buy a different brand from now on… It’s so sad because we really loved silk.

    Here is the letter I sent to Silk:
    I am writing you to tell you how disappointed I am in your product. I have faithfully purchased Vanilla Silk Soy Milk for over half a decade. It’s a little on the pricey side but I was okay with it because not only did it taste good and have a consistency similar to cow’s milk but it was also ORGANIC. Now I feel totally duped because you stopped making the blue box vanilla soy milk organic and kept it in the same package with the same pricing! I’ve NEVER purchased a product that WAS ORGANIC and then stopped being ORGANIC. So to finally realized you took the organic out of my soy milk which my whole family drinks makes me livid. LIVID! This is one of the most dishonest practices I’ve seen. I’m now going to look around for another maker of soy milk because it’s obvious that I cannot trust the label your packaging, I now must verify the product that I’ve been purchasing for years and years is ORGANIC EVERY TIME I BUY IT! SHAME ON YOU!
    I have seen that you do make an organic version in a GREEN CARTON ,but guess what, my store doesn’t carry it.
    I think that if you were going to stop making organic soy milk in the blue box that you should have completely changed your label instead of sneakily taking the organic out of the label. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

  3. Sarah – well said!

  4. There seems to be a trend here. I just noticed today that Target’s Archer Farms brand refrigerated half-gallon soymilk is no longer organic. At least they redesigned the carton graphics.

  5. Good evening,
    I was just wondering the packaging has been changed on our favorite products. One Commenter is correct the packaging should read Non GMO. I have no idea is Monsanto has supplied these companies with the seeds to create the finished product. Additionally, another Commenter is also correct. It is very possible the milk has been crossed contaminated. I have seen enough documentaries and the seeds can fly any any where to the wind. For example, one farmer in Canada was being sued by Monsanto because they claimed the held there property (meaning the seeds). Well the seeds flew in the wind onto his property from the trucks passing by his farm. I think the name of the video is the ” Future of Food” I watch alot of netflick documentaries. I am going to investigate this soy milk business. Take care everyone and be safe.

  6. Okay, i found a site that says “Edens” soy milk is not GMO. I’m gonna have to investigate that. The web site is “”
    Be Safe.

  7. Same with me. After many many years of enjoing SILK milk I noticed that it is not organic any longer; I switched to Trader’s Joe (organic) soy milk. It is good, so I do not plan to return to Silk.

  8. Steven Fesmire @ 2009-11-01 22:07

    My family and I were out of the country for much of this year, and it was today before I noticed the loss of the “Organic” label on our Silk. Very deceptive. I did a quick calculation, and I’ve likely spent well over a thousand dollars on Silk in the past decade+, and that’s money Deane Foods will certainly not receive in the future. The Organic Consumers Association website has a good description on this issue.

  9. I just wanted to add to the other people who are outraged by Silk. I am lucky because I have access to a Whole Foods that has their house brand (365) of Soy milk. I’ll never buy Silk again and I asked Whole Foods and my local coop to stop stocking it as well. If you really want to affect this tell your grocery store.

  10. Dear Silk,
    Organic to Natural, you are not fooling me. Were your soy beans genetically modified or not? I have been supporting your brand for seven years, and wondering if I have been fooled by your packaging this whole time. I would cut out soy milk, but my wife wont drink milk. The fact that cows milk was designed to feed their young has converted my wife to soy milk drinker. Further more the sneaky food labeling, is only discrediting your company in the long run.
    My Sources: Food Inc, Natural Food Blogs
    p.s. I think your soy beans were never organic, even though you labeled it so. I suspect you were forced into fixing the problem with “natural” verbiage.
    Why is the new organic line, not in our market? Hmm
    Please reply,
    thank you

  11. stephanie @ 2009-11-11 07:20

    I wrote to White Wave asking about the lack of “organic” labeling…this is their response:

    Thank you for your recent e-mail to Silk®. We appreciate your interest in our products.

    Offering a broader range of products to meet our consumer demand, we now offer two different product lines: organic and natural. We know some consumers are more interested in the health benefits associated with adding soy in their diet (cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and may reduce the risk of heart disease) than consuming products that are strictly organic. For those interested in organic products, we still offer the plain, vanilla, and unsweetened in an organic option.

    Thanks again for contacting the Consumer Affairs Department.

    Alberto Vasquez
    Consumer Response Representative

    Ref: N970333

  12. I just rented the movie Food Inc . Wow what a wake up call! I thought I was buying a healthy drink for my kids. Not so with Silk soymilk, and it doesn’t stop there. Almost every food items in the grocery stores contain some form of soy beans that are genetically modified. I will be a advocate for more healthy food choices.

  13. I just recently realized that Silk was no longer organic and got a similar form letter response from Alberto Vasquez when I voiced my displeasure. What a dodgy thing to do to your loyal customers.

    A few years ago I was a loyal SunSoy drinker and switched to Silk when Dean/White Wave bought SunSoy and effectively killed the line in favor of Silk. At the time, even though I LOVED SunSoy, I made the switch to what I considered an inferior tasting (non-organic) product on the basis that Silk was organic. Now I find out that they’ve pulled a bait and switch.

    And as one comment pointed out, Silk is still charging the same hefty price for a product that costs them less to produce. When you drink 2-4 half gallon containers per week, like my family does, the costs really add up.

    Now that Silk is no longer organic, White Wave is trying sugarcoat the decision with the idea that they only source soybeans from America. As much as I appreciate the concept, but how long will THAT commitment last? Dean Foods obviously only cares about the bottom line.

    For now, I’ve switched to Meijer Organic Soymilk.

  14. thanks to whomever posted the gmo project website. so basically pacific and eden are the only soymilk brands without GMO? i drink a lot of soymilk everyday, so this is a big concern. if anyone else has a similar resource for finding non-gmo brands, it’d be appreciated!

  15. I stopped drinking soy milk a while ago. I prefer and still drink almond milk. We need to let congress know we want gmo labels, and labels for cloned meat.

    I would like to know what I’m eating. We also need to end the government subsidization of certain crops, and tariffs on sugar, so they use less of it in our food.
    Stevia is much sweeter and is better for you.

    Let’s vote with our wallet.

  16. sidewinder @ 2010-01-24 21:45

    why not just make your own

  17. Didn’t want GM soybeans in my Silk, so I typed in Monsanto and Silk into Google and this link came up. How sneaky of them. I just bought a half gallon and feel like tossing it right in the trash. I am no longer a customer. And I will tell everyone I know who drinks this the real truth. Thanks everyone. I don’t feel so alone now. : )

  18. I’m glad I’m not crazy! I told my husband like 2 months ago… I knew it was Organic and that was the reason we started buying Silk Soy Milk.

    When I told my husband about the missing label (Organic) he said.. “no, it is the same package and it never said Organic” And of course it did! I showed him this post today and now he believes me. We buy 4 gallons of milk per week and we will not longer buy any Silk products again. We will look for other options.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this forum.

  19. I was never really aware that Silk was an untrustworthy product. Just this week in my environmental science class, my teacher had the class watch Food Inc. The misconduct behind the curtains was so appalling that my stomach still squirms even now. What surprised me the most was seeing the name brand Silk in the video, since I switched to soymilk some time ago. I figured that it was not on accident that it was there, so I decided so do some research and landed on this website. Thanks for the eye-opener everyone. I will not buy silk anymore, and I will discourage its purchase among the people I know. Again thanks.

  20. This sucks. I only noticed it *now* and have unwittingly bought non-organic soy milk since whenever the change happened. Never again, I’m done with Silk brand for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing, all…

  21. As of.. today my carton of Silk says ‘Organic’, I know they have some non-organic soymilk now.. but if I’m reading their soybean sourcing guidelines correctly none of them are GMO.

    Apparently they now use what they call ‘Natural’ soy products and ‘Organic’. The organic ones are USDA Organic and the ‘Natural’ ones are –

    “Our sourcing program will include sustainable farming practices and farmers that are committed to continuous
    improvement and providing non-genetically modified crops (non-GMO) while preserving environmental
    and biological integrity.”

  22. Looked into it a bit more.. I guess what happened is they started sourcing soy from china, not sure if it’s 100% true but interesting read

  23. Brian, interesting article. All the more reason to avoid Silk. Thanks for posting.

  24. Barbara Capece @ 2010-04-21 22:06

    I am watching the last 15 minutes of FOOD INC.
    Soy was mentioned as one of Monsanto’s food products
    so–as I am a big “Silk” soymilk consumer-read the
    container and sure enough–the organic label is gone.
    Well, I will do the best I can to hunt down Meijer, Giant’s Nature’s Promise or Organic Valley soy milk.
    My food shopping takes longer, as I try to read labels carefully. Can’t assume “they” won’t change the ingredients of items I had already checked.
    Kinda like trying to do a healthy thing after the barn door has been open too many years—I’m 70 years old. But what about the younger population? What a horrible mess we have made of this planet.

  25. Barbara I completely agree we have made a horrible mess, but I am hopeful that many people are becoming aware and changing their shopping habits. Money speaks louder than words. Oh, and it is never too late!

  26. To those who are seeking a vegan coffee creamer:

    I have used Trader Joe’s creamer and I thought it was pretty good. It used to be organic, but I haven’t checked the label recently.

  27. steven Klopp @ 2010-05-16 21:27

    Please, by all means post my name and email. I would like these corporate slime balls to know the name of the customer they have lost, the name of the man who will remove this horrible back stabbing product from the shelves of his local natural food store so that it can’t poison anyone else. Please write to my email with ideas. I can’t see straight I’m so infuriated.

  28. you people are all [bleep] idiots. it makes no difference, and your prob not all that healthy anyway.

  29. RegZhang @ 2010-06-19 20:55

    Well, I know it’s been more than a year since the original article was posted, but some of the comments are fairly recent and they still have a problem with Silk’s organic-ity. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been buying Silk soy milk for about a year (I buy the green vanilla carton at Costco). Every single time, the label says “organic” and on the back they say it’s made with non-GMO soy beans. The ingredients list lists organic soy beans (all the ingredients are organic).

    On the front: “Organic” shows up three times, in huge letters under “Silk,” on the bottom with the health benefits, and on the very bottom.

    Back: “We like to think of soy as nature’s perfect protein– and you just don’t mess with perfection. Unlike soymilks made from chemically extracted soy protein, we use only whole harvested soybeans… yada yada yada… Our organic products use only organic, NON-GMO beans… etc.”

    Side: “Now Silk Organic Vanilla tastes better than ever.” “Made from NON-GMO North American soybeans.”
    Ingredients: Orgainic Soymilk (Filtered Water, Whole Organic Soybeans), Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Sea Salt, Carrageenan, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin *B2), Vitamin B12.

  30. RegZhang,
    What you are buying is the “new” organic Silk and I believe that it IS organic. People used to buy organic Silk for years and years in a the original packaging. They changed the product in the original packaging from organic to nonorganic and created a new package for the organic stuff. Does that make sense?

  31. How to Avoid Genetically-Manipulated (GMO) Food Ingredients
    In North America, all soy that is labeled “organic soy” is guaranteed to not be genetically-manipulated and not be treated with herbicides. Look for soy products and ingredients (e.g., tofu, tempeh, miso, soy sauce, soy milk, etc.) which are organic. All other soy ingredients are almost always genetically-manipulated and herbicide-treated. The same is true for canola, corn, dairy products and potatoes. Look for organic corn, potato and dairy ingredients at your local health food store. Check the ingredients labels carefully. It may be best to avoid canola altogether because it is rarely organic and is usually chemically-treated as detailed by world expert, Udo Erasmus. Outside of Europe and Asia it may not be possible at this time to avoid genetically-manipulated ingredients 100% of the time, but it is a good idea to avoid them when possible. The List of Companies Pledging to Remove GMO Ingredients is another very useful resource. Eden has been GMO since

  32. I have stopped buying Silk and now am a Eden soy milk buyer. Do you all know any other companies that are using GMO soy in their soy-based vegetarian food products (vegetarian burgers, non-meat chicken, seitan, tempeh….)?

    Thank you for any info you can provide. AND THANKS for this string of posting!

  33. Mei’s comment on Silk Soy Milk. I was disappointed after finding out this product as well.i have stopped buying it and considering making my own almond milk, mainly to go with my oatmeal, I’m very new at this living healthier lifestyle.Hope you find the right product to buy.Its very hard to depend on a label these days. Soo i’m working my way up to making homemade foods. It will pay off in the long run.

  34. Thanks for the heads up. I too have been using Silk for two years because we it was originally organic. After reading your article I went to my fridge and took a look at the package. They changed the organic to natural Wow what a bait and switch. I hope Silk loses money for their deception.

  35. PLEASE UPDATE! Silk currently has NO GMO products!

    I love being a consumer advocate and I applaud the heads up when it was true YET it seems we need to ALSO honorably support companies that respond properly to our needs, suggestions and requests.

    I found your article when I read a several year old similar post and just to make sure instead of just believing whatever I read I actually went to Silk’s website and found that they are now carrying Organic AND the non-Organic is Non-GMO.

    “Do Silk products contain genetically engineered (GMO) soybeans? No…”

  36. Sad, to say…Corporations are soul-less things called by the courts, get this…Human beings. The problem: Enough criminal behavior to prosecute – no body to incarcerate.

    The goal is to change corporate behavior, right?
    Hit’em where it COUNTS. THEM-not you (shame, family, American farmers,etc). The MONEY!

    It is just the MONEY.

    Stop buying – Go to your grocer, your restaurant, your favorite Starbucks, etc. and tell to STOP BUYING. And why. Cut the supply lines of Profit.

    …and that my friends will get their attention.

  37. JD Mumma, Ami,
    Thank you for your comment. Silk is now certified non-GMO. I added an update to the original post.

    However, my concern was mostly about the deceptive practice of changing the product that was in the traditional package from organic to nonorganic. I will never purchase a single product from Silk.


  38. JC Smith @ 2010-09-23 22:07

    I checked the internet and Dean Foods CEO Greg Engles 6 year average pay is $5,134,000. He’s got one yardstick and it isn’t how much he’s liked or how healthy his food is, it’s how much money he and his fellow corporate thieves take to the bank. I’ve read from several sources that Silk uses Chineese Soy, which has limited quality congtrol at best and certainly doesn’t support our farmers. what a scam. I’ll starve before I buy anything from Dean Foods. jc

  39. I was using 8th continent before and found on their page that “The COMPLETE Vanilla (not regular vanilla) does not use NON-GMO soybeans.” Which is turns means that they DO. So I turned back to silk. SILK DOES NOT USE GMO SOYBEANS and gets their soybeans from the US. (Not China or other Eastern countries.)

  40. after watching Food, Inc. last night I am more concerned than ever what’s happening to our food supply, all in the name of maximum profit. I highly recommend this movie. Every man, woman and child who eats should see this movie.

    I too also noticed several months ago the missing Organic label on Silk’s carton, and it really was a deceptive, deliberate attempt to sneak that one by people who helped make Silk the succesful company it is today. We don’t drink much soy anymore, I like Almond milk much better, but if and when I do go for soy, I will avoid Silk at all cost.

    But I think Monsucko is the real culprit here, the bastards who now have patents on the soybean seeds and such deep pockets who would just as soon sue any farmer who tries to go rogue their own non-GMO, non-Monsucko seeds. In their quest to monopolize the market on Soybeans, this giant conglomerate has ruined the naturalness and healthy heritage of Soy. I will personally boycott anything that may be even remotely connected to chemical and pesticide conglomerate Monsucko.

  41. Someone I live with drinks Silk. I looked at the box and though it doesn’t say organic, it says it isn’t made with GE soy. Does that mean it actually is organic? It’s found in the natural section of the store we go to.

    Personally, I get Almond Breeze. I have no idea if that’s harmful in any way, but I find it hard to find the larger boxes.

  42. Merle – If it does not say “organic” it is NOT organic. Silk’s non-organic milk says that they don’t use genetically modified soy beans. I am not sure that I believe them given their past dishonest practices. We still do not buy any Silk products. I don’t know anything about Almond Breeze.

  43. TheloniousPunk @ 2011-06-03 10:37

    So I just called the Silk info phone line (the phone is still warm, I just made the call to their Texas based call office). I asked specifically if any of their organic or non-organic products were sourced from GMO beans and I was told no. I then asked specifically if they sourced any beans from Monsanto, and I was also told no.

  44. TheloniousPunk – Since the initial post, Silk has enrolled in The Non-GMO Project. Some of their items have been have been verified as fully compliant to the Non-GMO Project Standard, while others are in the process of becoming verified ( This is definitely a step in the right direction for Silk. We continue to choose other organic soy products due to the dishonest business practice of changing the contents of the original containers from organic to non-organic.

  45. Cockmongler C. Grinface @ 2011-06-27 10:36

    also, in the ingredients list: “natural flavors.”

    I can’t believe all you guys were actually loyal Silk buyers.

    FYI: if the word “flavor” is there, it’s artificial. FDA’s very own language.

    I wonder if dictionaries changed their definitions, too.

  46. Today I have been searching the Internet for healthy creamer ideas for my chai tea. I didn’t like the Silk soy milk in tea or in coffee as it wasn’t creamy enough, but I was using Silk for cereal because it tastes closest to milk. After reading this I won’t use Silk anymore. I will check out one commenter’s suggestion for Soy Go powdered creamer. On another web site I found out about So Delicious brand, which makes a coconut milk creamer that supposedly tastes just as creamy and good as Silk, so that’s going to be my first choice. I find other milks and creamers to be either unhealthy or not creamy enough tasting for me. I was going to try Silk creamers since I didn’t know they even existed until today, until I found this web site and so now I won’t try that! So now I’m still struggling with what sweetener to use in my chai, since sugar isn’t healthy, I don’t like Stevia and don’t believe that artificial sweeteners are healthy, and since honey and agave are too expensive for my budget. I don’t understand why people like Stevia, as I can’t get a sweet taste out of it no matter how many drops of it I use; it seems to just sort of neutralize bitterness in coffee a bit but doesn’t taste like sugar. Perhaps I will use fructose, as it is cheaper than honey and agave, although still a bit high for my budget. Anyone have any comments on this?

  47. One additional comment….today I read on another web site that people don’t like Silk because it contains palm oil. And one commenter herein says it contains “natural flavorings” and that’s not good, either. I think just the fact that they didn’t stick to using only organic is weird, anyway…if they care about our health so much, then why are they now offering both organic and nonorganic, that doesn’t make any sense. I think that if a company is making both healthy and organic and unhealthy and nonorganic products that something is off there and they can’t possibly be that health-oriented, so I don’t trust them much anymore. other companies do this, as well. It’s very strange. Their healthy products don’t necessarily contain any unhealthy ingredients and seem healthy, but one wonders if they are sneaking unhealthy stuff into that so-called healthy product and not listing it on the label.

  48. Hi Marla, in response to your comments . . .

    1. I love So Delicious products, I have not had their creamer but their ice cream and yogurt are super yummy and creamy. I love that they are soy free (not that I avoid soy products but it is nice to have a variety).

    2. I believe that Sugar is a healthier option than any artificial sweetener, Stevia, or fructose. The key is consuming it in moderation. We buy Domino’s Organic sugar is is very reasonable. I used to put a teaspoon in my coffee, but now I drink it black.

    3. It is important to read labels and decide for yourself if products are healthy. Most companies are out to make money not worry about the consumer’s health.

  49. Hey y’all silk does have an organic version of their soy milk…check their website under’s right there! :)) Or just click here—~> hope this helps y’all! Hugs* <3

  50. Jess – You are correct. Silk has an organic version and are certified non-GMO now. It is important to note that all Silk is not organic though. And the problem for me was dishonest labeling that I described in the original post. Thanks for the link. :)