Vegan Baked Corn

Since I can remember, my grandparents always made baked corn (aka corn pudding) for all holidays. It was one of my very favorite special dishes. I tried to veganize this recipe several times, but it called for a lot of eggs, and Egg replacer didn’t work. Finally, this Easter I made a scrumptious vegan rendition that tastes just like I remember.

3 cups frozen organic corn (measured while frozen)
¼ cup soymilk + 1-2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon of arrowroot
1 tablespoon vegan sugar
½ teaspoon salt
pepper to taste
1 tablespoon melted Earth Balance Buttery Spread
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 tablespoon of corn meal

  1. Thaw corn in the microwave.
  2. Whisk arrowroot in ¼ cup of soymilk.
  3. Put 1 cup of corn and soymilk in the food processor. Puree.
  4. Add sugar, salt, pepper, melted “butter,” baking powder, and cornmeal to the food processor, and process well.
  5. Add remaining corn and maybe 1-2 tablespoons more of soymilk to the food processor and pulse-process to desired consistency. (We like it to have some corn texture, and I add milk until it is a thick pudding consistency.)
  6. Spray a 4-cup baking dish with high heat canola oil. Scrape corn mixture into dish. Bake uncovered at 350º for one hour (no need to preheat the oven).


Makes about 3 servings.


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  1. This looks delicious! What a wonderful site you have:)

  2. Made this today for company and it was fabulous! Everyone loved it… son has multiple food allergies (including milk and egg, some key components to traditional corn pudding!) and I am always trying to “veganize” recipes so he can have them. This was a true winner. The non-vegans at the table were none the wiser as they gave the dish rave reviews and polished it off their plates! I thank you for this one!

  3. Kelly – happy to hear that you and your company enjoyed this recipe!

  4. […] trust in the natural sweetness found in the corn kernels and you won’t miss the added sugar. I like this look of this recipe. It is vegan, but more than that, it puts all the attention on the corn (rather than eggs, butter, […]

  5. This was awesome, it taste just like the non vegan version. Thank you for a great recipe. I doubled it and used a 9×13 pan,made this for Thanksgiving and my omnivorous father loved it.

  6. Definitely going to try this! Just out of curiosity, can you tell me why egg substitute didn’t work? Was it a taste or texture problem?

  7. Egg Replacer did not thicken it to the correct consistency. The taste was fine.